Summary of May 30, 2014 Meeting


Seventeen people attended the Computer Users Roundtable meeting on May 30, 2014. 

Nancy Horton began the meeting with a report and demonstration of McGraw Hill – Contemporary’s Software Program, ITTS (Instruction Targeted for TABE Success Online) She walked everyone through the program demonstrating its similarities with TABE. Nancy discussed how they are using the software at Waubonsee primarily in an enrichment course for those who have not demonstrated progress on the TABE. 

Other basic skills software that the participants found helpful were i-Pathways from ICCB, GED Academy at, Reading Plus at, Lexia at, Spanish GED 365, a free online program at, and My Foundations Lab from Pearson Learning at 

Websites mentioned that focused on specific skills included: at and Piktochart at both of which create colorful graphs and charts, and Lyrics Training at for ESL students learning language through music.

Some of the participants had tried the software apps mentioned at the last meeting. There are students who download and use apps independently of teacher suggestion. For many teachers, using apps is slightly out of their comfort zone. As more and more teachers use apps in their daily life, they will become more comfortable using them with students. 

A few teachers had also used LiveBinders as a way for students to combine their work and projects with graphics and videos as well as text. (

Finally, a handout was shared from the 36th Annual International Conference on Teacher and Educational Excellence which introduced the concept of textbooks online with the links: The College Open Textbooks Collaborative (, the Open Textbook Library ( and The Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (

Topics suggested for the next Computer Users Roundtable:

1. Blended Learning

2. Tech Circles (as practiced by Bonnie Juarez)

3. Smart Board and White Board use

Have a good, and technologically active summer!


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